Different Deposit Methods: Immediate Deposit

Immediate Deposit is a deposit method that lets you use your Master or Visa Card and other US issued cards. This is a payment system that anyone can avail immediately just by purchasing a calling card. This calling card is use instantly to get credits for your casino online casino account.

Immediate Deposit only takes three simple steps in less than three minutes. Becoming a registered member of Immediate Deposit is absolutely free.

1. Be a registered member of Immediate Deposit.

2. You've got to purchase a calling card.

3. Use the calling card to redeem credits for your casino account.

You can purchase a calling card or phone time when you log into the site, and then follow the links on how to purchase a new calling card. You can also reload your old calling card on the history page of your personal card purchase. There are no hidden charges regarding these transactions. You will only be paying the value of the calling card that you have purchased.

All calling cards once purchased are instantly active when you obtain them accompanied by a pin number. Once received, you must dial the correct toll free number stated in the email. Once on the phone, follow the instructions very carefully with regards to what is being dictated on the phone.

These are the steps that you must do to deposit funds to your casino account:

1. Sign in to your account at the online casino.

2. On the page, click on the cashier deposit.

3. Log into your Immediate Deposit account.

4. Type in your correct pin number and control number to obtain casino credits on your account.

Immediate Deposit is a new deposit method in the online gambling industry. Many online casinos now do accept Immediate Deposit to purchase casino credits for your account. It is one of the safest, easiest, and quickest ways to make a deposit.

Immediate Deposit is a great alternative for those online players whose banks do not authorize them to purchase casino credits using their credit cards. One of the convenience of Immediate Deposit is that once you have purchased a calling card and the balance has become zero, you have the option to not buy a new calling card. You will just have to reload your old calling card.

There are online casinos that give online players an extra deposit bonus of 10% when they purchase casino credits through Immediate Deposit.

So for an online player whose credit cards are not allowed in online casinos, Immediate Deposit is a wonderful deposit method alternative for you.