Different Deposit Methods: ePassporte

ePassporte is a revolutionary deposit method and payment system that protects both your cash and identity. Expert professionals in the e-commerce industry create it. ePassporte has been proven to have a superior ability in technology. It utilizes security systems that are state-of-the-art. Today, ePassporte is an innovative leader in the industry of payment system.

All cards of the ePassporte are issued by the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited of West Indies.

When you chooses a personal account in ePassporte, you can secure yourself of a Virtual Visa that you can use anonymously on the Internet shopping for your favorite products within minutes. Sending money instantly to other ePassporte cardholder anywhere in the world is also possible.

The ePassporte Virtual Visa is used only for online transactions. It is pre-paid and can be reloaded anytime. It can be use anywhere where there is Internet and where Visa is accepted. Transactions using Virtual Visa have no associated interest or finance charges.

One can spend up to the last cent of the loaded amount onto the ePassporte Virtual Visa. When it has zero balance, it can be reloaded easily online using your credit card. A free and private email is provided to all account holders for personal use. This is also where the confidential data are delivered in a safe and secure manner.

The ePassporte Visa Electron card is the actual physical plastic card that one holds and use in the merchant's terminals where it is accepted. It can also be use to withdraw money from all ATMs around the world that have the PLUS or Visa logo posted.

The ePassporte Visa Electron card and the ePassporte Virtual Visa do have different numbers. But both are all in one account. If you loaded your ePassporte account with funds, both the Virtual Visa and the Visa Electron card can use those funds in your account.

The ePassporte Visa Electron card is highly secured, and safe. The anonymity of the user is constantly maintained through a PIN, which the user selects personally.

The web site of ePassporte is very user-friendly and they have tools available to anyone who would like to inquire regarding their deposit methods. And their customer service support is always available within 24 hours every day for the convenience of the customers. Anyone can contact ePassporte through the phone and email.

Through the ePassporte Virtual Visa and ePassporte Visa Electron card, one can purchase online or on-land anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. And rest assured that your identity and money as well are really protected.