Different Deposit Methods: EcoCard

EcoCard is a deposit method that has a real-time tracking of history and balance control. It is a payment system that is reliable and fast. The online interface is also convenient. An online gambler can buy casino credits within seconds. The confidentiality of all your purchases and online casino bets are guaranteed by EcoCard.

Accounts in EcoCard can be available various money currencies. The following currencies are US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Danish Crones, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, and many more. A person's account in EcoCard can be funded through various methods. And the amount of funds being transferred has no limit. All deposited funds through EcoCard will be posted within one to five working days.

The Eco User ID is used for the verification process when one makes a deposit to EcoCard. Every client has one unique Eco User ID. Verification documentation will not be requested as long as the account holder can be identified through the Eco User ID.

These are three important steps that one must go do: 1. You must need to register with EcoCard, which will only take a few minutes. 2. You must deposit your funds into your EcoCard account. It is advised that users must fill up a Deposit Confirmation Form and submit it to be able to quicken the deposit allocation process. 3. You must log into your account, then select the option EcoCard to be able to transfer funds to your account from your EcoCard account.

The main attraction of EcoCard is its confidentiality. It means that all the users purchases and identity are not revealed. This is a deposit method that has no registration fees, no transaction fees, and no monthly payments. EcoCard is accessible anywhere in the world and the payouts are guaranteed. The services are available the whole 24 hours in seven different languages such as Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, English, Greek, and German.

For online gambling players, these are the things that they must do to deposit funds to their casino accounts using EcoCard: 1. Register an account in EcoCard. 2. Make the funds deposit using any of the methods listed in the site. 3. Log into your online casino account, and then click the banking section. Select EcoCard as the deposit method among the list of methods. Type in the exact amount to be transferred, and then click "Next". Enter in the EcoCard Number and password, and then click "OK". 4. Immediately, the fund is already transferred from the EcoCard account to the casino account.

With the identity of the user being held confidential, EcoCard indeed a safe way to deposit funds online.