Different Deposit Methods: 1Pay

1Pay is a deposit method that is leading today in Asia with regards to solutions on online payment. This method is a complete payment service on the Internet. 1Pay offers a very secure environment. The method is a very easy to use for making and receiving payments on the Internet through the use of Asian debit cards and major credit cards.

For a person who wants to shop using the Internet or set up a business online, 1Pay can help you resolve your concerns regarding any payment problem online. 1Pay is an online payment service that is designed and developed perfectly for both consumers and merchants on the Internet.

The Macau Special Administrative Region government in China is the one that gives 1Pay the license to operate. The company of Quick Access International Company Limited managed the operations of 1Pay and it is based in Macau, China.

Asian consumers are the major users of 1Pay. Anyone in the world can do business in Asia in a safer and easier way now. Online transactions are served to consumers using the Internet through a system that is simple to use, safe, and secure. Convenience is what the consumers will experience when they use 1Pay.

For consumers, using 1Pay can let you have the following benefits:

1. A web page that is easy to understand and use.

2. It accepts both types of cards - credit and debit.

3. It ensures the highest level of security online where every data input during transaction is encrypted.

4. It assures consumers that every personal detail and payment information is highly protected.

5. There is no set up fee and once a consumer has made an account, the account can be used immediately.

6. Every transaction made is free of charge.

For merchants and online businessmen, the following benefits are given:

1. 1Pay does not require any integration.

2. The cost of transaction fees and set-up fees are very minimal.

3. All records of transaction are comprehensive and can be available online.

Just like an e-wallet system, personal users of 1Pay that have an email address can send any payment online through their Master or Visa cards and the major Asian debit cards.

The merchants on the Internet that have a 1Pay account can collect payments on the Internet from their customers through their Master or Visa cards and the major Asian debit cards in a real-time environment.

As a top payment solution on the Internet, consumers of 1Pay are guaranteed of a very secure and safe deposit method that worries for information leakage have no room at all.