Different Deposit Methods: Ukash

Ukash is a deposit method that consumers in Europe used to purchase items online without the use of their debit or credit cards. This is a convenient way for consumers to shop online. Ukash can be bought at any convenience store all over Europe.

When you buy a new Ukash, it comes with a voucher that contains a particular code. You will use this code to be able to spend online.

Today, Ukash has become the leading brand of cash payment internationally for mobile and online commerce. They mainly offer a payment solution that is cash-based, which allows consumers to have a preference for cash to pay whatever services and goods they receive online even online gambling. This is done easily through their phone handset in an anonymous and secure way. You will spend online the cash equivalent of the purchased Ukash.

A private company, that has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, administers Ukash in Europe. It also has its offices in a number of places like Spain, South Africa, North America, and Germany. The Financial Services Authority or FSA granted the company the certificate of ELMI for small e-money issuers. The company is on the process of applying for the Pan-European ELMI, which will be approved by the Financial Services Authority.

Ukash is already been associated with several major gaming service providers and customers. At the present, hundreds of online casinos are already accepting Ukash as a deposit method for their online players.

Ukash works in a very simple manner, which makes it easy for the customers to use anytime. Individuals must purchase Ukash vouchers from any retailer that is recognized by Ukash. In the voucher is a particular 19-digit number code that will be used to transact online.

There is no required registration process to be able to use Ukash. Personal accounts in Ukash are also not required for one to be able to buy something or deposit funds online. The customers will just go directly to any of the thousands of retail outlets online that are associated with Ukash to make the transaction.

Ukash has a six months expiration date. The security of Ukash is provided by VeriSign using their 128-bit encryption and SSL connection, which literally means that, every transaction is secure and fraudulent transactions are prevented as well. Moreover, the leading Payment Service Providers today are working hand in hand with Ukash to ensure that this deposit method is widely available to everyone whose looking for alternative methods to use.

Ukash is an excellent alternative deposit and payment option for consumers in Europe and soon all over the world. It is available almost anywhere and can be used anytime as well.