Different Deposit Methods: Solo

Solo is a deposit method that goes in the form of a debit card. It is usually used by residents of the United Kingdom but there are also residents in the United States that use Solo. Debit card is a good option to select when compared to credit card because it can generally help you control your habit of spending too much.

In the United Kingdom, people who have accounts of Solo have opted, in a friendly way, not to choose any other deposit methods available. Their loyalty remains with Solo especially when it comes to online casino accounts deposits.

As a debit card, when an online transaction is made through Solo, the transfer of funds from the cardholder's account usually takes two days or less. Solo is intended to be an electronic replacement for checks.

To be able to start depositing funds to your online casino account via Solo, you need to do the following:

1. Select the Casino Cashier page, then click Deposit.

2. Click on the tab for credit card.

3. Select the option for Solo.

4. Type in the desired amount that will be deposited to your casino account, then click Deposit.

5. Now you can start playing and have some fun at online casinos.

Solo is very popular in the United Kingdom that almost a million online merchants are associated with purchases made through Solo. The security and protection of every online transaction through Solo is provided by an advanced Fraud Prevention. A security check is done regularly and every time a person uses the Solo card to be sure that nothing has gone wrong. For United Kingdom residents, Solo is an ideal deposit method alternative when it comes to online gambling.

The Switch Card Scheme, a poker site on the Internet, launched Solo on July 1, 1997, which is a fully electronic debit card. Solo cardholders can have the total financial control over their funds because every transaction must be authorized and you can only spend money as much as your card contains and nothing more.

Solo cardholders cannot only make British Pound deposits to their accounts but they can also do British Pound withdrawals as well. For online gamblers, this lets them have their entire winnings put safely to their bank account.

Just like a debit card, Solo is a convenient way to make payments for goods and services you purchased online. It is more convenient than writing a check, no hassles attached and safe, too.