Different Deposit Methods: PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard is the pioneering prepaid card in Europe that is use for online shopping. It allows anybody to make an online payment with no hassle because the identity of the person remains anonymous and the process is safe, fast, and easy.

PaySafeCard is also use as a deposit method for European gamblers at online casinos. PaySafeCard is available for the European countries of Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Eire, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Estonia, Austria, and Germany. Many online casinos that accept PaySafeCard to purchase credits are planning to extend the service to other countries as well in the days to come.

Today, PaySafeCard is leading among the prepaid payment cards that is use for online payments. Using this method is absolutely secure because users will not have to disclose their personal identity as they shop for items online. You will just have to buy a PaySafeCard. Then, scratch lightly that the 16-digit PIN-code may reveal. To make an online payment, enter the 16-digit PIN-code and the transaction is done.

PaySafeCards has the following values that can be purchased - 10 EUR, 25 EUR, 50 EUR, and 100 EUR. If for example the amount to be paid exceeds that of the value of your current card, you can simply pay the remaining balance using your next PaySafeCard. Combining the values of up to ten PaySafeCards is allowed and will still let you use the remaining balance of your current card.

PaySafeCard is the first deposit method in Europe that uses prepaid card for online transactions. The banking supervision authorities are the ones who approved this kind of method. In Austria, PaySafeCards are administered and issued by the BAWAG bank and in Germany, the Commerzbank AG issues them.

PaySafeCards are methods of payments that can be purchased at almost any establishments such as newspaper stands, petrol stations, post offices, electronic stores, bank, book stores, and many more. You anonymity is guaranteed and there are no extra expenses or binding contracts and agreements. Your credit card or bank account is not needed. And they have a customer service support available any minute of the day.

The credits on the PaySafeCard have no expiration dates. The remaining balance in your card is safely guarded by the 16-digit PIN-code and there is also an option to add your own password for added security. A person can buy and use multiple PaySafeCards and they can also be given to other people as your gifts to them.

Because many online merchants and gambling sites are accepting PaySafeCard as deposit method nowadays in Europe, the method has continuously become famous and readily accessible.