Different Deposit Methods: Citadel Commerce

In the e-commerce industry, Citadel Commerce is a recognized brand in payment processing. It has fully integrated authentication services and payment solutions to many online merchants. This is a deposit method that has a comprehensive verification and authentication technology.

The pioneering product of Citadel Commerce is an e-commerce risk management and fraud detection system that targets the gaming industry on the Internet. From here, the product evolved and became a complete payment processor.

At the present, Citadel Commerce provides end-to-end electronic solutions for the business-to-consumer market of merchants on the Internet. Citadel Commerce have the following services: (a) electronic check processing online with fraud detection added to the service, (b) reporting, (c) tools for reconciliation, and (d) 24-hour customer service and support.

With the expertise of Citadel Commerce in fraud detection, sophisticated authentication, and risk management, it helps merchants online to be free from fraud and unnecessary returns.

Citadel Commerce has the following deposit methods offered: 1. Citadel Checks - an electronic check paid directly to the merchant. 2. Citadel Payouts - an easy, fast, and effective method that merchants use to give payouts electronically to customers in Canada, US, and other countries. 3. myCitadel Wallet - can be use in multiple withdrawal and deposit methods that has the features of SecureSwipe.

The individual identification of both the consumer and the merchant is ensured. This includes the information that a certain transaction was initiated from a certain merchant and that the contents of the certain transaction was not tampered by anyone.

The secure sockets layer or SSL encryption is used that the integrity of the transferred data was not being compromised. For the protection of the merchants and consumers of Citadel Commerce, they are maintaining two data centers. One data center is in London, England and the other data center is in Vancouver, Canada.

If you are depositing funds for an online casino, this is how to do it: 1. Click on the section for Casino Cashier. 2. Click Deposit. 3. Click on the tab for Citadel. 4. Enter your desired deposit value. 5. Click Deposit. 6. Make your own Citadel Commerce account on the secure page that pulls up. 7. Create your own Clear Pay ID. 8. You need to fill up the form for identity registration. Then click Submit. 9. Type in the necessary information of your Personal Check. Then click Submit.

Being highly recognized by online casinos on the Internet gaming industry, Citadel Commerce is an attractive method for online gambling players to do deposit funds on their accounts in a safe manner.