Different Deposit Methods: 900Pay

900Pay is a payment service that allows any online shopper to buy items on the Internet and the billing statement is posted on the telephone bill. This is a deposit method that is patented to the Navaho service. 900Pay is the only system of telephone billing transaction that is secure and fully automated.

900Pay does not require the use of any credit card and the environment is very anonymous and private. Using this method is very easy thus allowing consumers to spend on the Internet within minutes. On a merchant's web site, there is a button of 900Pay, which a consumer will have to click to make the payment.

Registration is not required when a consumer uses 900Pay. Of course, an Internet connection is necessarily required. Once consumers clicked on the 900Pay button, instructions must be read and followed carefully. Once done, the cost of the payment will be billed to the consumer's telephone bill. A payment notice will be given to both the consumer and the merchant.

As an easy to use deposit method, 900Pay gives the following benefits: 1. Any credit card is not required. 2. Credit checks are not necessarily needed. 3. Zero interest on the amount spend. 4. Billing statement is posted to the consumer's telephone bill. 5. No long distance call is added to the amount of purchase. 6. Has a 24-hour live customer support.

900Pay is only available to individuals who has a bank account with US Dollar currency within the United States is also needed. To ensure that 900Pay works on their telephone line, consumers must see to it that the 900-service is not blocked.

A test can be done anytime. Try calling the toll free number 1-900-993-4141 to see if the phone line can make a call to the 900-numbers. If the 900-service is blocked, do contact your telephone service provider for the block to be removed that you may be able to avail the payment service using 900Pay.

900Pay has a minimum deposit of $20 with a maximum deposit of $50. The total value of the items purchased online are automatically added to the telephone billing statement at the end of the month. Any online transaction with 900Pay will appear in your phone bill of the month as a purchase from Navaho Networks.

As a deposit method mechanism, 900Pay doesn't handle any cash withdrawal.

For individuals who have some fears regarding credit card fraud on the Internet, 900Pay is a great alternative to make payment on any online transaction because the safety and security of personal information is truly assured.